What are bitcoins

Bitcoin is on online currency that uses peer-to-peer technology. The advantages of using these coins is that here is no central authority which reduces the amount of taxes you have to pay on transactions. But where does it come from? Bitcoin was invented by the person or group, until this day nobody is sure of the who or what the creator is, it is an open market where everybody has access to these coins. We for example give free coins to our visitors to give everybody the possibility to get his hands on some of these coins. You can then ask yourself what is the catch? You see there is none. The only thing you have to do is enter your wallet number and we will send you some satoshi, it is as simple as that, you can do this every 300 minutes.

Why use bitcoins?

You can ask yourself why would I need to use bitcoins to buy and sell online when there are other services like paypal? The answer to this question is simple while paypal and other services of this kind have restrictions, bitcoin doesn't have any restriction. This is because there is nobody who supervises the bitcoin flow. Contrary to normal payments with cards en paying with paypal. Paying with bitcoins is also very fast normal transactions take time to be processed by the banks but bitcoin doesn't have banks that control it which makes the payments almost instant. An other advantage is that bitcoins are a safe way to pay. It's impossible to track payments that have been made and the user of that account.

Where can I use it?

These days bitcoins can be used on different sites that will allow you the buy goods with these coins examples of these vendors are: Amazon, Reddit, Ebay/Paypal, Tesla, PizzaForCoins, and more. You can see the uses of these coins are endless.

So what are you waiting for start inviting friends and visit this site often to get some free bitcoins you can use for your online needs! You can evenuse your mobile phone to visit this page this way you won't miss a single coin!